Skills Building America

         “We want to slap you on the back AMERICA, and say THANK YOU for a job well done.” 

"This is the message of “Skills Building America”, an IRS approved not-for-profit organization.

Over the last two and a half decades and still today, we have become a society where ‘Bart Simpson’,

the consummate underachiever, is billed as a hero by both young and old. For this reason the “Skills 

Building America” message needs to be heard by everyone. In particular, by our youth-at-risk; it 

could mean the difference between unfulfilled dreams and becoming a productive citizen. Just as 

important, our message needs to heard by those women and men currently in our work force that feel 

their work is taken for granted. Furthermore, this message needs to be heard by our educators in order 

that they may recognize and support those students who desire to work in the ‘Trades’ and not pursue a 

college degree immediately after high school. America was built by crafts persons with skills learned 

through hard work and dedication (blood, sweat, and tears) the so called School-of-Hard-Knocks ! 

“SKILLS  BUILDING  AMERICA” proclaims that today’s workers are hard at work honing their skills to 

continue to build America, as they have for the last two hundred-forty years. Through Skills 

Assessment, Career counseling, Hands-on Job Training, and Job Placement into careers which are 

upwardly mobile and provide an open pathway to a life-long career, we are helping to rebuild America's 

Work-Force...'one class at a time'.

    Chip Rocha,
     Co-founder, CEO

Chip Rocha
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